If you’re looking for a reliable, honest, knowledgeable real estate agent and broker, look no further, You are in luck! Mike and his team are everything that any home buyer could ever wish for and some more. With his expertise he made navigating through the maze of seemingly endless paperwork a walk in a park and was very patient explaining and anticipating all of our questions. He helped my husband and I find our dream house and we could not be happier with the whole experience from house searching to closing the deal.

Alexandra Anderson

After conducting an on-line search for a qualified and knowledgeable real estate agent, and interviewing a handful of uninspiring candidates, I found Mike Erickson of Eagle’s Nest Realty & Mortgage, Inc. We were moving from a river front property along the American River in Sacramento to Oceanside. Mike really was a breath of fresh air to talk with and guess what….. he really listens! I learned that Mike has lived and worked in Oceanside for the past 31 years and knows the neighborhoods and the home styles. Buying a home in a new area is tricky, time consuming and frustrating, but Mike’s abilities and knowledge helped us navigate and negotiate the purchase of a lovely home in one of Oceanside’s top neighborhoods. Throughout the search and sales process Mike was always available to us. Someone you could trust to be your advocate and represent your best interests, above the commission. Trust is valuable. It affects everything. Mike is certainly an authentic, compassionate and trustworthy person who is there to support your needs, and go out of his way to make time for you. Mike is very resourceful and has another very important attribute…… he is a “connector”. Another very important part of Eagle’s Nest Realty & Mortgage is the ability to connect people who have knowledge or experience in the mortgage side of home buying with buyers searching for the best mortgage available. With Eagle’s Nest Mortgage you don’t have to go to a separate lender, or waste countless hours on the internet submitting your data to unscrupulous lending institutions in search of your best loan. Mike can assist with your loan and inform you what you qualify for in very little time. Sales and mortgage servicing under one roof….that’s priceless! You’re making one of the biggest decisions of your life when buying a home and the subsequent mortgage. You’re trusting everything to your Realtor so make sure your Realtor is worthy of your trust. Mike Erickson’s benevolence and integrity has always demonstrated that he is always willing to work for your good, even when it has required sacrifice or inconvenience on his part. You owe it to your family, and yourself, to choose the best realtor. I truly believe Mike’s expertise helped tremendously in our offer getting accepted. I hope we’re in our new home for a long time, but if we were to move, I wouldn’t choose anyone but Mike Erickson and Eagle’s Nest Realty & Mortgage. I hold in high regard, Mike Erickson, as the best choice for your next home buying experience.

Bruce Philipanko

You make thngis so clear. Thanks for taking the time!


Mike helped us find our home in April of 2013. I can not even begin to express my gratitude towards him and his office. My husband was deployed while I was searching for a house and remained deployed through closing! Mike was beyond helpful and patient as my husband's lack of communication did not make things the easiest! He very quickly knew what type of house we were looking for and always showed me homes that fit our budget. The house we ended up purchasing was all Mike's find! He called and said, "let's go look at this tomorrow, you'll love it" and boy was he right!! And it was even better that Mike could run the numbers and do all the loan paperwork too! You won't go wrong!!

Karen C

We just finished our second refinancing with Mike. The experience both times was just wonderful. Each time I received comparison rates from other brokers and he easily beat them. We also had different circumstances and needs each time, but Mike always made the whole process seem easy. Very professional and personable, he knows when to step in and lend a hand sorting through various financial intricacies. Highly recommend.

Lisa D

I highly recommend Mike to anyone needing a real estate professional. Mike helped us sell our house and purchase a new home earlier this year. He was great in educating us on all of our options throughout the process while giving great recommendations along the way. Our circumstance required that our house be sold prior to the acceptance of our offer on our new home, which was not yet built. Mike masterfully negotiated a leaseback from the purchaser of our home allowing us to stay there until our new house was built. Thank you Mike.

Jack F.

As a mortgage loan processor/notary working in both retail and wholesale I have worked with a fair amount of professionals in this industry. I met Mike in 1997 when he approached me to work with him in a new net mortgage branch. I worked closely with Mike as we set up the new office, gained proper approvals, met wholesale lender's needs and maintained his book of business. I must state we had a lot of issues on our plate during those first months at Eagle Nest Mortgage and through the resolution and learning curve, Mike maintained his integrity, purpose, and professionalism. I eventually left loan processing to establish my mobile notary business and continually refer business to Mike as I know he will provide my clients the care they require. He listens to their concerns, needs and desires and then takes action. Mike is a straight shooter providing accurate information and guidance as well as having the client's purpose and intent at the forefront. Whether you are a buyer, seller or need to refinance, I highly recommend meeting with Mike Erickson/Owner Broker of Eagle Nest Realty & Mortgage.

Robyn C.

I have known Mike for 30 years and it's not the loans he has secured for me that make me always return but the one he didn't. I went to Mike for a second on the house and it was so honest he directed me to a Credit Union he know I was a member of that was offering the best deal available. I got the loan with them and while Mike did not get that loan he got a customer for life. If nothing else I know his honesty and integrity are without question and recommend him without any reservations.

Pete D.